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††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Newsletter February to April 2019


I came to Peru 1 month earlier than normal to work with Kindness in Action in Otuzco, Peru..


It was brutally hot and humid almost daily during the entire two months. I decided I prefer cold weather over hot and humid. I don't enjoy the perspiring and being in my sweat all day...


The reason for my early arrival was the non profit, Kindness in Action, planned their Otuzco dental trip Feb.16 -23.

Twenty three volunteers from different sectors of Canada all with a big hearts donated their time and money to make a healthier dental possibility for children and adults of Otuzco, a region 2 hrs. by bus from Trujillo.

We saw 507 patients in all...a record from the last trip. People worked hard but enjoyed the environment and people.


Things are also changing at the Center.

A renovation has been planned for over a year and has finally gotten underway. We are getting a new patio floor which has been needed for years. The present cement is very slippery and dangerous especially when kids are playing soccer.

The kitchen is too small so they will be breaking through a wall to expand into the old bakery area which has not been used for over a year because of lack of money and interest from the community.

More space for supplies and storage will be added.

Plumbing renewed for kitchen, bathrooms and plumbing update, electrical updated and a new paint job.

They are expecting the job to be done in 4 or 5 months. Itís hard to believe it should take that long but here everything is spread out so people work and make money.

So we moved to a new location 6 blocks from the Center.

It's a 5 story building. We acquired the top 3 floors.

A slight glitch is that this building has been vacant for probably 15 or so years and too needed updating....new plumbing, electrical wiring, paint job etc. and doesn't have a place for kids to play or individual school room areas. Two different age groups will be sharing one large area and on different floors.

The kitchen area is too small and has no ventilation, so it will be in the area the clinic was supposed to be and the clinic area is the kitchen area with the dining room.

You wonder why not a different location. Large areas close to the center are non- existent for the rental price plus the kids cannot travel too far out of their area for safety concerns.

So this will be our temporary new home.


Our second group from Kindness in Action arrived March 30th. Another group of 17 wonderful people who made dental care available to those who couldn't afford it in Callao.

How can one say thank you...words are not enough. We saw 367 patients. They did lots and lots of filling and extractions as well as cleanings.


Because of the dental groups, moving, the children didn't get the same health checks as usual but got the medical issues taken care of when needed.


These two months were not the typical but good work was accomplished for the children and the community.


Working on a third non profit group coming to Peru July 6 - 12. This group is Global Kindness Foundation from Canada and will not only be doing dental health but ophthalmology as well as pediatric care for the people of Lurin. We are expecting 34 volunteers.

Most, transportation, hotel, food, logistics all worked out. Hopefully the permits won't be as gruesome to get as it was for Callao.


My Fridays in Lurin at Vista Alegre continued as usual. On the average I saw between 30 to 35 patients every Friday.

The community continues to grow and make small changes but still no water.

It still is being trucked in.

Eventually, we hope this will change.


Many thanks to all for your continued support to Hope for Peru. Every cent is appreciated and needed.


If you would like to donate, check out our web site: www.hopeforperu.org and click the donation icon.


Happy Spring to ALL.


Vera Martin


Hope for Peru