Hope for Peru is a healthcare charity, a 501c3 organization in the USA, founded in 2004.

Our mission is to improve healthcare by providing treatment and care as well as preventative programs for  children, families and communities in Peru.

 Our story started back in 1990 during the adoption of our two boys from Peru.  Ever since our adoption, I have returned to Peru to help the children in any way I could.  It took several years to build confidence with the people but they learned that I was committed to do what I had promised.

 My journey began in 1995 when we became affiliated with Center Thomas Helm in Callao.  At the time the Center was just a shack, with a hole in the roof for lighting, but with lots of love to hand out.  Our aim was to provide medical support, nutrition, education and recreation to children who lived in an area riddled with drug dealers, addicts, alcoholics, crime and prostitution. We wanted to protect the children. Chalaca is one of the poorest barrios in Callao and for the most part, people are fearful of going there.  It is not a good environment to raise children with the hope of gaining a better life.

 The goal of the Center was to offer the kids a clean, safe, and healthy environment during part of the day and to have them exposed to good, caring and loving people.  We started with 40 kids, ages from 4-14, both boys and girls.  We had them from 8 am until noon.  Although nutrition was extremely poor, the children were remarkably healthy.

 Now we are starting our 20th year, and we have about 130 children.  One group comes from 8am-12pm and the second from 2-6pm.  Over the last years our shack became a 2 story building through donations from Engineers Without Borders in Spain 5 years ago, we now have an additional third floor.

 We have expanded our kitchen to include a new stove and refrigerator as well as utensils of all kinds. There are areas for the children to build their skills such as, a computer room, an arts and crafts area, a bakery, and a library.  We also have a professional sewing area where mothers and members of the community are learning to sew so that in the future they can begin a micro business and learn to support themselves.

 Over the years, I have expanded my activities by not only taking care of the children and families but now I have adult clinic days for the community.  It instills a feeling  of good hope for everyone but mostly it provides care that they otherwise couldnít afford.  My clinics change with each visit based on what needs to be done but usually I see patients every morning for a few hrs or see them 3x a week for 4 hrs each day.  My routine medical activities involve performing medical exams on new kids, keeping records of height and weight, collecting information about home life, nutrition, hygiene, whether the child is attending school and trying to detect the signs of child abuse.  I see lots of skin problems , respiratory and allergic problems, injuries of all types, dental problems, and eye issues that have been undetected and uncorrected.  Many social issues become medical issues as well such as, rape, child abuse and incest.  Tuberculosis and hepatitis are common. Gastrointestinal issues are widespread due to dirty, contaminated water, parasite infested food, contact with human an animal feces and lack of hygiene.

 I have had numerous visits to homes in and around the Center.  Many are beyond description.  Often the little children are too sick to come to the Center.  Common childhood diseases such as mumps, chicken pox and colds frequently lead to complications.  Over the years parents are becoming more conscientious in taking their children for vaccinations but there are still many who donít.

 I have been going to Peru two times a year for a total of 4 months a year.  My bags are always stuffed to the hilt with everything and anything that is donated and needed.  Over time though I find it easier to buy things in Peru so I donít have to deal with Peruvian customs which presents many problems.

 We have made a lot of progress in 16 years and poco a poco we can see real improvements in nutrition, hygiene and health.  On Kenís recent visit , he was most impressed by the obvious improvements in dental problems due to such simple things as fluoride treatment and tooth brushing.

 I would gratefully accept your ideas, donations, money and help for the children of Peru.