Each one of our children deserve help right now. Children understand that we are seeking sponsors for them and they are eagerly waiting their turn. We teach the children that if they pray, Jesus will hear their prayers and give them a "Mama or Daddy" from another country, who will help care for them. That person is you!

As a member of our "Child Care" program, you become a part of our family of  generous people who share their love, prayers and support with a needy child. Your sponsorship gift of $20 per child a month when combined with the gifts of other sponsors, help provide an  education, with  qualified  volunteer teachers (after school program at Center), school uniforms, school supplies, medical and dental care and de-worming,  one hot meal, whatever your child needs, to help make life happier physically and spiritually. 


   Meal Program

Our children get very little to eat at home sometimes just a cup of tea so they rely on us for the basics.

Hunger is a major problem in a third world country like Peru. I have had many children telling me they go to bed because they are so hungry.

When the children arrive in the morning, they each receive a glass of hot milk containing some oats, chocolate  and sugar. They also receive one or two buns usually with butter and marmalade depending on what food is available and contributions made.  For lunch / dinner they receive a nourishing hot meal consisting of beans, rice, dried fish, and vegetables.  The meals vary daily depending on donations made by people like you.  The children are also given vitamins andcalcium so they can benefit more from the food.


Education is our main focus for your child, for, "a child without an education is like a blind man, stumbling around in the darkness."  Many times, from a family of seven or eight children, only one child is going to school, but that one child can make a difference.